Who we are?

We are a group of cryptocurrency and investing enthusiasts. We created Edureco Academy through joint interest. A platform for a crypto community where we will be able to share our own knowledge and help people understand this technology.

We organize meetings in Polish and English and exchange experiences and opportunities that the cryptocurrency market gives us.

Our team

Mariusz Fultyn


Sebastian Hanc

Business Advisor

Tomasz Kaczmarek

Public Relation

Marek Saj

Graphic Designer

Tomasz Kolpaczek

Cryptocurrency & IT Advisor

Through education, we want to introduce new people to this world, which is getting bigger every day.
We want each person to receive reliable information about the market in one place. We understand that many people are preoccupied with their own business and work and do not have time to search the internet. We do it for them.

Why are we doing this?

We deal with education from A to Z. We want to show cryptocurrencies from the good side, and also show how to avoid threats.

Our mission is to adopt cryptocurrencies. Currently, only 5 – 6% of the world’s population operates in this market. Like the invention of the internet, we believe that blockchain is becoming a powerhouse and the world of finance will change.

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